recordingIn recent years, many Bar and Bat mitzvah kids have begun “Mitzvah Projects” as part of their preparations. Anything that helps make the world a better place can teach teens the idea that the Jewish mitzvot (commandments) involve not only religious ritual and tradition, but also social action.

For my Mitzvah Project I felt like it was important for me to do something interactive.  I wanted to get out there and actually do something.  Specifically, I wanted to help out kids. I am working with Gulfcoast Jewish Family Services in the Refugee Youth and Family Program in the area of literacy.

There are many children and families who have immigrated to America from a lot of different countries.  They don’t have the kind of education we are privileged to have.  They also aren’t used to America, or American culture.  Some can’t read or write, and some of their parents can not either.  It would be a lot easier for them to learn to read if they had been read to when they were young.

My Mitzvah Project is to read to these children and perhaps do some tutoring and help with homework.  I also recorded books on CDs, so the kids can still be read to even when they don’t have anyone around to read to them.  It will help these children learn to read and write.  Hopefully, this will help them teach their siblings, and maybe even their parents.

You can help too!

I am also collecting books to donate , so if you have any new or used books that you wish to donate, please contact me.  I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!